Scarves Collection


Nuni has created a beautiful collection of long and square scarves in fabulous soft silk. Inspired by wild flowers collected from a Portuguese hillside or an English wild meadow, they are carefully arranged, photographed and then digitally transformed into a variety of innovative designs.


These two sets of geometric scarves of daisies or butterflies sit within a striped or lace print border.

Daisy Check square scarf, five different colour ways, 75cmx75cm

Lace & Butterfly square scarf, five different colour ways, 75cmx75cm


There are three different sets of long wild flower scarves of varying lengths.

Lavender Scarf, in four different colour ways, 30cmx140cm

Pressed Petal Scarf, in five different colour ways, 26cmx160cm

Cistus and Wild Grass Scarf, in three different colour ways, 30cmx160cm


The design on the fabric and the quality of this silk gives this range a wonderful vintage feel to it.


Six delicate pressed hydrangea flower designs make a lovely summer headscarf or neckerchief.

Pressed Hydrangea square scarf, six colour ways, 65cmx65cm


Evocative of the Mediterranean summer with six delicate pressed Bougainvillea flower designs, these pretty summer shawls are perfect for that holiday in the sun.

Pressed Bougainvillea shawl, six colour ways, 65cmx180cm. 


These beautiful soft silk velvet scarves of pressed wild flowers in a myriad of sumptuous winter colours feel incredibly luxurious. The shawls are a perfect addition to any smart occasion, be it a wedding, party, ball or the opera.

They come in two different sizes, as a short neck scarf or a shawl. All are hand finished and lined in beautiful quality dark ink coloured 100% Silk