Nuni’s love of nature can be traced back to her childhood, brought up on a farm on the edge of Poole Harbour in Dorset, where she still lives. Her interest in photography began over twenty-five years ago whilst travelling extensively throughout the Middle and Far East, South America and sailing in the West Indies. Initial photographic studies began in London. This was followed by jobs as a freelance assistant for several well established food photographers, whose main work concentrated on editorials and cookery books.

Nuni spent four years studying photography at the Arts Institute in Bournemouth. The course emphasis was very much to instigate and develop ones own projects. As a result Nuni explored many different aspects of image making. The most significant being her work taken under the microscope of insects and flowers: the Mad about Bugs and Pressed Wild flower series. The former series resulted in an eighteen-month touring exhibition. A selection of the work was published in the style guru’s magazine “Viewpoint” and she was also interviewed for a local television program “Three Minutes”.

Her time at college allowed her to discover a new way of looking at the familiar, an intriguing new world of unimagined detail, rich in texture and complex design. This background has very much informed her more recent work creating digital designs on Photoshop. Although still looking at natural and organic subject matter she has been working with it in quite a different way. Initially Nuni spent a number of years building up an extensive library of images, most of which she found and collected in and around her garden, local hedgerows, fields and woodlands in Dorset and Portugal, where they were then carefully photographed in her garden studio.

Nuni quotes “I often think I have a relatively clear idea of designs I wish to create. However, once I begin working on them those ideas invariably change direction and I have come to work more organically with the subject, allowing the design to take shape in it’s own way as I go along”.